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2016 Atlantic FC Pro-Am

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***Competition Schedule & Weigh-Ins*** 

Youth & Teen Registration and Weigh-Ins 9AM-10AM
Adult Registration and Weigh-Ins 9AM-1PM
Competitors must be present 60 min prior to your estimated start time!
ESTIMATED START TIME 10AM-11AM Youth & Teen (No Gi then Gi)
ESTIMATED START TIME 11AM-12PM Men's No Gi All Divisions
ESTIMATED START TIME 12-1PM Men's Gi All Divisions
ESTIMATED START TIME 1PM-2PM Women's (No Gi then Gi)
***Must Pre-Register by April 8th to Receive FREE EVENT T-SHIRT***
Saturday April 30th in Hickory, North Carolina
Newton Conover Middle School
873 Northern Dr NW
Conover, NC 28613
$10 Tickets at the Door ($5 Student & under 18)
5 & under FREE

Competition is by submission only.  In the event that the allotted round time expires and no finish has occurred, the match referee will decide the winner based on the most number of times the competitor(s) were in danger of a submission.

Championship matches will go to a 5 minute sudden death before a referee decision.  ***Absolute Pro Divisions have no time limit***

Winners are awarded to 1st & 2nd place.  Double gold may be awarded in extraordinary circumstances.  Kids 6-12 will all receive participation awards. Pro No-Gi Absolute Champion receives $500 Cash Prize.

Gi: Standard jiu-jitsu gi required in reasonable condition and sufficient lengths.

No-Gi: Tight fitting top required. Board shorts, spats, or gi pants required as bottoms.

Athletes must exhibit good hygiene, trimmed nails, and skin free from infectious diseases. 

Any disrespect by language, gesture, or outburst shown toward tournament officials, competitors, coaches, or bystanders is a disqualifiable offense and the athlete will be escorted from the premises.

*No slamming or spiking
*No neck cranks
*No intentional movement out of bounds while in sub
*No stalling. Competitors should actively work to set up submissions in dominant positions.  Referees are instructed to reset to guard if top player "only" maintains a dominant position for an unreasonable amount of time.
*Remain courteous around head and throat of opponent
*Control must be exhibited at all times while in contact with your opponent. Any reckless or dangerous intentional movements may cause disqualification.
*If divisions are combined rules will abide by the lowest belt/experience level competitor in match.

Check below for specific differences in each division.
Pro No-Gi Absolute Winner

Kids(6-12)(Beg <1yr/Adv >1yr):

*Round Robin Brackets for Gi & No-Gi with 4 minute time limit
*Kids will compete entire round. No winners. Every child will receive a participation award.
*Submissions are allowed, but refs are instructed to stop the competitors short of the finish and restart match from feet.
*If matches are lopsided refs are instructed to restart match from a favorable position for the less experienced competitor
*No lower body attacks
*No wrist locks

Teen(13-17)(Beg <1yr/Adv >1yr):

*6 minute time limit
*No lower body attacks
*No wrist locks

***All Kids and Teen competitors will have their divisions bracketed by closest weight, age, and skill the day of the tournament.


Beginner <18 mo.
*8 minute time limit
*No lower body attacks
*No wrist locks

Intermediate 18mo-3yrs
*10 minute time limit
*No twisting lower body submissions

Advanced +3yrs
*10 minute time limit
***Pro No-Gi Absolute  (Advanced experience level recommended)***
*No weight classes 
*No time limit
*Any submission

*8 minute time limit
*No lower body attacks
*No wrist locks

*10 minute time limit
*No twisting lower body submissions

*10 minute time limit

Adult Women (16+):
*Round Robin for Gi & No-Gi with 8 minute time limit
*Winner(s) decided by most matches ended by submission at the end.

*White/Blue/Beginner only. Intermediate/Advanced and Purple & up will compete in Adult Division
*8 minute time limit

Female Weight Classes:
Feather 129 & under
Light 149 & under
Middle 150 & up

Adult Male/Masters Weight Classes:
Light 139 & under
Welter 140-159
Middle 160-179
Light Heavy 180-199
Heavy 200-224
Super Heavy 225 & up

No refunds for any reason unless extraordinary circumstances exist.
Hosted by:
Atlantic MMA