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FAST FEET: Boxing Footwork for MMA

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Video Length: 9:45 Safe for Work

What some folks said about the video on YouTube:

boselecta: I think this is a great footwork video, I have seen alot of basic footwork videos from youtube…but nothing explains/shows the principle of how it is all put together…and what it looks like sped up. I realise what I did wrong with my footwork…I thought of it as if I was walking (weight on front foot push) until I saw your video and I realise what I did wrong.

MartialArtist187: Great video. Makes footwork very clear to understand and I learned some new things

Who the FAST FEET: Boxing Footwork for MMA DVD is for

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro or a beginner, when it comes to MMA boxing I see the same footwork mistakes made by each. Plus there are so many concepts I teach differently here that this DVD will be mostly new to every fighter…novice or champion.

The Fast Feet DVD is the solution for those of you out there who:

  1. Don’t have a coach instructing you
  2. Have a coach, but one that doesn’t pay attention to your footwork
  3. Have a coach, but one that knows very little about MMA Boxing
  4. Are grapplers, wrestlers, or thai fighter’s looking to add another dimension to their game
  5. Are boxers wanting to know how your strategy will change in the transition to MMA

What you’ll learn in the “Fast Feet: Boxing Footwork for MMADVD

  • Which fighting stance to take and why
  • How your feet play the most important part in your speed, power, and balance
  • The break down of exactly how to move in every direction
  • Some tricks to moving in and out of danger, so you can hit and not get hit
  • Why you HAVE to keep moving if you want to box in MMA
  • Which defensive movements you must incorporate into you training to survive
  • A drill that teaches you an offensive & defensive footwork strategy for MMA boxing and will condition your feet to move automatically for three 5-minute rounds
  • The one position you absolutely cannot be inside the cage
  • Why angles are so important and how to create them
  • The secrets of speed
  • The principles of balance
  • Why the common belief that you’re either born with power or you’re not is WRONG (Hint: You just have to know HOW to be powerful)
  • Concepts like the “open-close”, the “in & out”, and “quick stepping” that will simplify the footwork for the hook-right hand, jab-cross-hook, and the double jab. (you won’t find these anywhere else)

Why you should buy the Fast Feet DVD

You’re getting all my “AH-HAH moments about footwork from over 1200 hours of trial & error. I had to figure it out mostly on my own, but you won’t have to!

Now I’m not saying you couldn’t figure it out yourself or with the help of a “good” coach. It’s certainly possible for you to get to my level of boxing over the course of time with some hard work and lots of analysis (I mean I’m no pro), but why take the tedious route and risk getting lost when I’m handing out directions!

I promise you no single seminar could accelerate your skills as quickly as this DVD…and it would cost a year’s worth of classes or hundreds of dollars in privates to get the instruction I’m providing here for a mere fraction of the cost.

I’ve organized the information in a way that it will systemize your footwork, so there’s no guessing and it will be easy to learn. This particular DVD won’t require a gym, equipment, or a partner so don’t have to worry about that. All you need is some space to move around.

FAST FEET represents my knowledge and practical experience from 4 and a half years of training, $1000’s of dollars spent on classes, coaches, and instructional material, packaged together all for only $27.

Now I don’t think $27 is a lot for how much the information inside will improve your footwork, but that’s just me…education has always been priceless in my mind.

So if you truly can’t afford it (trust me I know the feeling) and still really want it—I don’t want to be the one standing in your way. Just shoot over an email with your story and an amount you can afford, and I’m sure we can work something out.

If you’re not worried about the cost and more concerned with whether or not I actually know what I’m talking about. Then I would encourage you to read my eBook “The Boxing Bible for MMA to see for yourself (scroll up to the top of this page and enter your email address for the free download). THEN decide to buy my DVD :)

The FAST FEET 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

I’m so positive that my footwork DVD can help you guys that if you don’t like it and think it sucks I’ll give you the opportunity to return it within 30 days of the purchase for a full refund.

YES, you will have to actually apply the things I teach in the DVD for them to be effective and YES, there’s lots of hard work ahead, but I wouldn’t want you to pay for something that wasn’t valuable to you to begin with.

There are so many things to work on in MMA to be good. My hope is that I’ve created something that helps you train more efficiently so you can spend more time on everything else.

If you ever have any questions or need clarification for a particular technique I’ll be here to respond. I’m not the guy that sells you something and then disappears. Just shoot me an email:

With all that being said…


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