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The Fighter's Diet

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How would you like to Discover the Secrets to Losing a Whopping 10% Bodyfat (in Just 90 Days!) so you can Look and Feel in Fighting Shape? 

Do you want a lean ripped physique?  Have you been killing yourself to make weight for a fight because you're not sure how to lose weight and burn fat?  Do you tire too quickly while training?

All of these questions can be solved with the same solution...The Fighter's Diet.

If you're looking for more energy to train like a monster, a supercharged metabolism to make cutting weight a breeze, and a freaky shredded frame that'll make everyone's jaw drop...then you've come to the right place my friend.

Below I'll Reveal the Methods that I used to Lose 12 lbs. and Drop my Bodyfat from 14% to 4% in Just Under 90 Days (and how you can do it too!)


    Hey guys and girls, my name's Jonathan Stamey, author of The Boxing Bible for MMA and Editor here at   

Over the years, a lot of people have come to me for advice about fitness...I guess it's because they can tell I've   put a bunch of time into it (that's me to the left).  I'm ok with helping out where I can, I think it's cool that they come to me.

But almost always they're a bit misguided on how one would go about getting a nice lean muscular physique.



Exercise and Conditioning alone won't help you achieve a Chiseled Fighter's Physique , but here's what will


Invariably, the first question I'm asked is "Hey dude what type of workout do you do to look like that?
It's not a bad question and yes they're on the right track because exercise is a very necessary component to losing weight and burning fat.

BUT that's not the difference maker.

Despite the depth of knowledge I had about training I didn't enjoy REAL success and REAL results until I started paying more attention to what I was putting in my body. 

During one of my training lulls I began to put on some weight.  I was unhappy because my appearance didn't breed much confidence, and I had zero energy.

One day my girlfriend commented favorably about some dude's abs on television and that was the day that I said to myself "yea, enough's enough."

From that day forward I made a commitment to get back the physique I once had and better.  Frustrated with my results, I continually researched for answers and sought out advice from my eventual mentors on what I was doing wrong.

A common theme unveiled itself.

Yes, some training principles were changed, but a majority of the mistakes I was making were being made in my diet.

Once I dedicated some time to learning proper nutrition, and then disciplining myself to use it...I got the elite physique I'd always wanted.

Your nutrition, your diet, what you put in your mouth...THAT'S the difference maker.

Struggling to Cut Weight?  Your Diet is 50% of the Battle.  And that's a Battle worth Winning


If you repeatedly find yourself having to dehydrate and starve 20 lbs off your frame during fight's time to re-evaluate your weight cutting strategy.

I see guys in this predicament all the time and usually they're the ones who still have plenty of bodyfat left to burn.  But instead of correctly dieting down in the weeks prior to their fight they elect to just wait and cut all of it in water.

I'm all for cuts of 10 to 12 lbs of water, but much more than that will hinder performance--not to mention it's unhealthy and dangerous.

If you want to be the biggest and strongest guy at your particular weight class and still have the juice left to turn the other guy's lights out then there's a proper way to cut weight.

And that starts weeks to months out from the fight with a proper diet.  You need a diet designed to maintain muscle mass, crank up your metabolism, and burn fat.  

Learn the proper diet to do that and every cut from then-on will go as smooth as a baby's bottom.

(Don't know how to cut weight?  See the bonus chapter below!)

What does Nutrition have to do with Performance?  Um Everything.  


Fighting is much more about performance than vanity (although there's plenty of that going around...yea I'm guilty of it).  So for those of you who don't give two shits about how you look--congratulations, you're going to look good anyways because everything needed to perform well also results in an enviable physique.

To be good--you have to train, and to train faster, harder, longer, and then recover to do it all over again--you have to put the right things in your body.  That means proper diet--correct nutrition.

If you're the guy who gases too quickly during your workouts...chances are your nutrition's off.  

Want to heal injuries--bumps--bruises?  Want to avoid sickness?  All so there's no breaks in training...yea that's nutrition too.

Eat well and consume the right supplements and you'll find energy that a shot of red bull couldn't provide, and an overall sense of health and fitness that only thoroughbred horses feel.

Introducing The Fighter's Diet


    Hopefully I've convinced you how critical your diet is to getting the body you want, how important it is to performance, and how crucial it is to making weight cuts a more pleasant experience.

If I have, then I want to show you the tactics I've used so you can benefit from it too.

I've successfully dropped over 10% body fat and lost upwards of 25 lbs a handful of times over the last couple years.  

Each instance was done in right around 90 days.  Seriously guys...90 days.  

What did I do to achieve that?

A consistent regimen of exercise and this diet.

I want you to have the same kind of success that I've had.  That's why I've written down step by step what my diet's like.

How would you like a new you in 90 days? It's most certainly possible because I've done it.

If you want a musclely fighter's physique, energy for days, and a pre-fight dietary strategy that works--then I invite you to read my new eBook "The Fighter's Diet."

Check what you'll learn in each chapter below!



1. The Pre-Breakfast

  • Why consuming a meal immediately after waking is crucial
  • What the best type of meal to consume is
  • Which early morning tricks you can use to burn fat
2. Timing & Planning
  • The secret to burning massive calories
  • How to plan ahead so nothing interferes with your diet
3. Breakfast of Champions
  • The best time to eat breakfast so your metabolism stays revved up
  • What types of food you should eat for breakfast
4. The Properly Balanced Meal
  • Why it isn't necessary to haggle with calorie counting
  • A better philosophy on how to lose weight
  • Demystifying protein, carbs, and fat...which you should eat and how much
5. It Requires a Little Discipline
  • The steps to make it a lifestyle not a "diet"
  • Why the diet's easier than you think
  • Why cheating sometimes is ok (and even necessary!)
6. Lunch
  • 4 healthy options for lunch (and the principles to make up your own)
  • The type of drink that'll be your savior
7. Snack Time
  • Why carrying snacks are so critical
  • The types of balanced snacks available to you
8. Pre-Workout Nutrition
  • The proper timing of your pre-workout meal
  • Why you should treat your body like a well-oiled machine
  • Pre-workout supplements that'll boost performance
9. Post-Workout Nutrition
  • The two reasons why your post-workout meal is so vital
  • The perfect post-workout refreshment
10. Dinner & Late-Night Meals
  • Why dining out is not only ok, but encouraged
  • The late-night meal tactic that'll ensure you burn fat from bedtime to breakfast
BONUS CHAPTER:  Cutting Weight for a Fight
  • The four ways to rapidly lose weight for weigh-ins
  • The appropriate steps to take in the weeks leading up to the fight
  • A list of the urgent measures you have to take post-weigh-ins 

Is "The Fighter's Diet" for me?


This eBook is the solution for those of you who:
  1. Are combat athletes wanting an edge in training
  2. Wrestle, box, grapple, fight, etc. and have to make a weight class
  3. Want a better looking physique (so really this means it could be for anybody!)


What some people are saying about "The Fighter's Diet"...


"I liked the book because it makes sense and it reflects real experience.  I think that it's probably one of the best that I have come across.  Precise and spot on."
Ivo--United Kingdom
"I love your book about dieting. Last March I was at 230 lbs and I was adding weight, so i decided to start training MMA. Now I am about 200lbs and was looking at the right diet to cut more and eat better. So with this said, when I found your book it was like a gold mine for me. Thank you for the work you do."
Dennis--New York

Try The Fighter's Diet Risk-Free for 90 Days!


I'm so confident you can succeed with this diet that if you apply it's principles, and don't see the results you wanted after 90 days...just shoot me an email and I'll give you you're money back no questions asked.

This book represents information I've learned from years of research, two professional mentors, and tons of trial & error.

Trust me, you'll be saving yourself a tremendous amount of time & money by purchasing it (nutritionists/personal trainers would charge 10x the price of this book for consultations).

Why choose my diet though?

Because there are a ton of diets out there that tell you WHAT to eat, but mine is one of the few that tells you in easy to understand terms WHY--so you can take that knowledge and apply it to what YOU like.

Although there's no real guess work...if you don't want to think and you would just like to eat what I eat, morning, noon, & night, you can simply copy my diet--nothing wrong with that!

Along with my guarantee, I promise I wont disappear on you. If you have any questions I would be happy to help. I can be reached through this site or at

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Don't wait to make a change til tomorrow. Do you want to stay the same out of shape, underperforming, killing yourself to make weight, fighter that you've always been?

Or do you want to be an icon and make the women swoon like GSP?


Or be the girl of every guy's dreams like Gina Carano?

Imagine if you looked, felt, and performed like them...

Its possible with
The Fighter's Diet.

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